Monday, July 30, 2007


Let's talk about how therapeutic scrapbooking can be. I did this layout when I was probably the angriest I can ever remember being at my daughter. I had to walk away from her or kill her so I went to my scrap room to scrap. I decided to focus on her positive attributes and when I was done I was in tears. My journalling reads:Blaze you are an amazing girl...You are a devoted friend...You can write amazing stories...You are a gifted artist...You have a loving heart...You are a wonderful big sister...You are a beloved Granddaughter...You are a gift from God...But most importantly you are our daughter. You are loved and cherished.


Sharon S. said...


Way to go girl! Turn the negatives into positives. Scrapbooking Therapy for the Soul always works wonders for me . . . glad to see it works for you too. Honkin' layout.

Julie said...

That is precious! Despite the crazy, hair pulling moments, our children are a blessing! Love the layout!

Anonymous said...

Taking lemons and making lemonade is a great idea! Thanks for reminding me! Janet