Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our Graduate

I am so proud of my husband for returning to school after almost 20 years. Ray enrolled in the Computer Systems Technology course at Siast 2 years ago. He Graduated in May as a Distinguished Graduate and may I add with awesome marks.

Party Girls

Blaze's 8th birthday party. The girls painted their nails, did their hair and danced the night away. The girls giggled and laughed till the wee hours of the morning. They were so busy and having so much fun we didn't even have cake that night instead I put candles in the pancakes the next morning.


MMMM worms
Big fat juicy worms
Itsy bitsy skinny worms
Yes my children collected handfuls of worms to try and scare their mother. It didn't work. They don't know this is a hereditary trait. When I was little I would fill my pockets with worms and scare my Grandma.

School Supplies

OH YEA!!!School is back in session. How happy is this mom. Let's just say if I could do back flips I would be flipping all over the place. It was a long summer. The phrase "Mom I'm bored" rang out several times a day and the fighting between brothers and sisters seemed endless. I will confess in a day or two I will be missing them and won't be able to wait until the end of the day when I can go and pick them up.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The stom was just starting on Friday night when I took this. I am always in awe of nature and beauty behind everything.


Yes..I am a klutz. We were gearing up for the Air Show and of course after the rain I knew the airfield would be wet and muddy so I ran out to find some splash pants for the kids. I thought gee wouldn't it be nice if we could spend the day at the show and not be soaked and muddy when we came home. I think this was rational thinking on my part. So off I went. I found the splash pants and a couple other things and as I was rushing about I also found a puddle of water and down I went. Now those who know me know I won't blow away in gale force winds so use your imagination to picture what I looked like falling and the sounds that accompanied me. The good news is it is only a really bad sprain. My Doctor said I would have been better off breaking my ankle. He assures me that a few weeks in this contraption will do more for repairing me than having me to use crutches. I think he is afraid I might injure myself worse. This will also allow me to continue working. So all you who have appointments booked... don't worry you'll still get your hair done.

Air Show

This rocket car was so cool. The kids loved it!

Gotta love the water falling from the water bomber.

Here come the Snowbirds. We waited all day for them but it was so worth the wait. Unfortunately the cloud cover and gloominess of the day didn't do much for picture taking but that's OK.
Flying in a stacked formation. How cool is that?
Here they are all together. I tell you nothing brings our more pride in our country than seeing them soar overhead. We had the opportunity to talk to a few soldiers and pilots on Saturday and I just have to say what an amazing group of people they are. I really have to say thank you to the men and women who are defending our freedom today and those that fought for our freedom in the past. I take a lot of my freedoms for granted and I shouldn't. So here's a big HATS off and a huge THANK YOU to our Military and our Veterans.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Wolfgangs birthday

I like how this page came together. I know it is a very simple layout but I have tried a couple of new techniques. Like placing a picture over the seam and then cutting it. I does add something to the page. I am trying to doodle but alas I am just not confident enough yet to try it on a grander scale but a little here and there does help to finish a page. Maybe my favorite LSS(JSI) will do a class on doodling this fall.(Hint...Hint) Anyway I do like to try new things and by doing so my confidence is building and I am getting braver, after all it is only paper. Right.


OK. Here is my room all done and organized. Will it stay neat so I can find everything?I highly doubt it. :) I didn't take any before pictures but those of you who have been in there before know how chaotic it was.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


We were sitting outside enjoying the evening and the dragonflies were everywhere. This one was really attracted to me I got a few dozen shots of it sitting on my hand and foot. I absolutely love this picture. It truly was a beautiful...magical... moment.


I am re-something my craft room this week. I had a little shelf that i considered boring so I did ...well I don't really know what to call what I did. I used lots of paper scraps and odds and ends I had. I think it looks kind of cute now. Yes I am a bonehead I forgot to take before pictures oh well.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


We just got home from a fun filled day at the EX. We went to see the Doodlebops. They "Rock"! The kids had fun went on a few rides and had way too much sugar. All in all a good time. Blaze had a picture chosen from school to be displayed in the Arts contest and she won 3rd Ray and I are so proud of her. Her picture is a pastels page and it looks really good.I received an honorable mention for my scrapbook page and for my first time entering a contest I am happy with that.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wild Hogs

The kids all got new bikes this spring. Oma and Opa were here for a visit and showing off their new bikes. We took some pictures and joked about having a bike gang in our yard. Shortly after Ray and I went to see the movie Wild Hogs and I couldn't resist titling the page "Wild Hogs". Oh yeah if you haven't seen this movie it is worth renting. I don't think I have ever laughed so much while watching a movie.

2 Wheel Fun

Wolf had been pestering Ray all week to take the training wheels off his bike. When Ray finally found a few minutes one night to do it Wolf took no time at all to figure it out. I think within the first few attempts he had it. Now he is trying to do wheelies. Go figure I'm raiseing a dare devil.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

How many fingers?

This is our Ruby-Jean on her 2nd Birthday. I can't believe my baby is 2. I am not ready for her to be all grown up. I enjoy motherhood and wish I could just keep them little a little longer.

IT's all about ME!

Ok. So I stepped out of my comfort zone. I don't do many pages on white nor do I scrap me. I like how it turned out and I happen to like this picture of me(this is surprising). All in all it was a fun page to do and I have deemed this year to be "all about me!"

it's a Guy thing

This is the page I submitted to the EX.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


These are the roses I received from Ray and the kids for my birthday. One dozen red from Ray two pink ones from my girls and two orange ones from my boys. I couldn't walk through my kitchen without stopping to smell them.