Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Yes..I am a klutz. We were gearing up for the Air Show and of course after the rain I knew the airfield would be wet and muddy so I ran out to find some splash pants for the kids. I thought gee wouldn't it be nice if we could spend the day at the show and not be soaked and muddy when we came home. I think this was rational thinking on my part. So off I went. I found the splash pants and a couple other things and as I was rushing about I also found a puddle of water and down I went. Now those who know me know I won't blow away in gale force winds so use your imagination to picture what I looked like falling and the sounds that accompanied me. The good news is it is only a really bad sprain. My Doctor said I would have been better off breaking my ankle. He assures me that a few weeks in this contraption will do more for repairing me than having me to use crutches. I think he is afraid I might injure myself worse. This will also allow me to continue working. So all you who have appointments booked... don't worry you'll still get your hair done.

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Julie said...

nice toes!!! Hope it heals up quickly..I am sure you do NOT have time for this!