Friday, August 17, 2007

Wolfgangs birthday

I like how this page came together. I know it is a very simple layout but I have tried a couple of new techniques. Like placing a picture over the seam and then cutting it. I does add something to the page. I am trying to doodle but alas I am just not confident enough yet to try it on a grander scale but a little here and there does help to finish a page. Maybe my favorite LSS(JSI) will do a class on doodling this fall.(Hint...Hint) Anyway I do like to try new things and by doing so my confidence is building and I am getting braver, after all it is only paper. Right.

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Julie said...

I wouldn't call this a simple layout Sheryl- there is lots here that catches the eye. I really like all your journalling - which is a little like doodling. I am not brave enough to doodle either - but your right - it's only paper. LOL