Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Calendar Pictures

These are the April, May, June and July pages for the calendar that I made for my Father-in Law for Christmas. It was really hard to condense a years worth of activities into 12 pages. There are many things missing but alas what is a girl to do?

This was so much fun to do with all the bright colors.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all who visit my Blog this Christmas. I would like to remind everyone to cherish these days and create memories that will last a life time. Have a blessed holiday and rejoice in the season.

Christmas Calendar

OK. It is midnightish and I am finally done stamping the months and the dates as well as creating my layouts for the 12x12 calender I am working on as a Christmas Gift. I still have to assemble it but that won't take long. These are the first 3 layouts. I will post more as the days go by.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Flowers for a Director

I know I have been lax in my blogging lately and I am sorry. I have been busy directing our Sunday School Christmas play/program for the last 6 weeks and have not had the time I wanted for all the other things that bring me joy. The play was Sunday night and was a success. The children were exceptional and the adults were wonderful! I had a great cast. The Sunday School gifted me with a beautiful Christmas arrangement for my hard work and the children gifted me with a lovely bouquet. I was very touched, it is always nice to be thanked for your hard work and willingness to give of your time. With that being said I found my Christmas Spirit this weekend. Our Pastor has been speaking on making time for Christ this season and I focused my program on that same theme and as I thought about his message and watched our play I realized that in my busyness I had not made the time to put Christ in the center of my Christmas. I was too busy trying to be perfect, too busy with my children, too busy with my husband, too busy with my clients and their hair needs and yes I was even too busy with my church. I hadn't taken the time to be thankful and grateful for the gift that was given to all of us ....the reason we have Christmas....Jesus Christ our Savior. I reevaluated my motives and my wants and needs and busyness, I found my center again and finally have a smile and a gladness for this Christmas season, a purpose as to why I am Celebrating Christmas.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Paper bag Album

If you are anything like me you have a container or two full of odds and sods of paper. The dilemma for me is always what am I to do with them? I was in JSI the other day and saw a paper bag album that they had done and thought to myself what a great way to use up leftovers but what a great little gift to give someone. They are quick to do and lots of fun.