Saturday, January 12, 2008

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Sunday, January 6, 2008


Yes 2008 has began. What is it you want to achieve this year? What are you waiting for? The right time?The perfect picture? Life is short. Don't wait. I attended my first funeral of 2008 on January 2nd. A dear lady,good friend and Sister in Christ went home to be with her Maker. Terri lost her long battle with cancer on December 28th. She didn't go easily she fought with everything she had. She never waited for anything. Life was already right and perfect because she was alive. She was living and experiencing life.

I want to take a page from her book this year and LIVE. I don't want to wait for the right time, the perfect whatever. We scrapbook to preserve our memories for our children, about our family, our life, our childhood, their childhood.....Why do we hoard our supplies waiting for the right time to use them? Isn't today, right now the right time to use it. Open that expensive embellie you bought. Cut that pretty piece of paper. Make the time right now to do that "special "picture. Tomorrow might not come for us. Right now is the right time. bold...write down your thoughts and feelings...try something new you just might like it...Just don't let 2008 slip by without having lived it the way you want.

Punk Artist

Ok, so I'm brushing my teeth the other night and it's late as usual, when I am hit with inspiration....wouldn't my T-shirt make a great layout? I answered myself with a yes..yes it would make a great layout. So the next day I head off to Just Scrap It! for supplies and here is my interpretation of my T-shirt.

Layout #1. I used paper and painted a transparency for the lightning bolt, Not bad results but not what I was after.
Layout #2. I took a page from Wilna and painted my page. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!Yes I had a hoot doing this page. I think paint may be used again very soon.
I used a new Mod Podge on the Lightning so cool it leaves the brush strokes behind. Loved it, this will be something else that I will use again soon.

Friday, January 4, 2008


My Mother-in-Law bought me a beautiful glass measuring cup set for Christmas, to protect the cups these cardboard forms were wrapped around them. I had put them into the recycling bin but while scrapping one night decided I need more storage and thought they would make great baskets. A little paper some ribbon and they look not bad. They are great for my flower storage and my girls think they are pretty. (I made 2 of them)

The last of the Calendar Pictures

These are the last of my Calendar pictures. I am not sure if I like them all but they do make a nice keepsake for my in-laws. I have several new layouts I have done since Christmas and a few more on the go right now. I am trying to step out of my comfort zone and try some new things so check back often to see what I am up to.