Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring Must Be Here

Spring is here?Maybe? This is the first Robin of Spring that I have seen. He was busy running around my backyard today. Eating worms I guess?

1 more sleep

We have only 1 more sleep till Daddy comes home. The kids are counting down the hours(so is mommy). We actually have made out quite well this week. I got a lot of house cleaning done because I didn't have to worry about the noise level in case Ray was on the phone. I have a very slippery Pledge spot on the kitchen floor so we keep "skating" through and the kids think it is fun. They were all up and waiting at the bedroom door this morning so they could jump on mommy's bed and wake her up. Yesterday I was up before them and the were disappointed they couldn't wake me up so I played possum this morning. I always enjoy those first moments of the morning when the kids are cuddled up in bed with me and we make plans for the day.

Toy box Baby

What is it with kids and toy boxes? Ruby-Jean loved to sit in her toy box and play. I used the new core'dinations paper that Just Scrap It! brought in. This paper is fun but messy to work with. I placed my chipboard letters beneath the card stock and sanded them. I'm not quite happy with the way they turned out as it was a learn as you go process. When my page was finished I wanted to see a little more of the core color so I did some sanding and some tearing. The page is OK. I can live it.

It Wasn't Me!

Kayne: It wasn't me!
Mommy: Oh yes it was!
Kayne: It wasn't me!(giggling)
Mommy Oh yes it was. (giggling also)
And so the conversation would go. I have a son who is gassy to put it politely and while we try not to laugh when sounds escape we sometimes can't help it. Now those of you who know Ray and I you know we have an odd sense of when I saw this t-shirt I thought of Kayne and knew I had to buy it. He has several shirts with captions on them and he loves wearing them.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lego airplanes

I took Ray to the airport at 5:30am on Monday. The kids were sad to see him go.(mommy was too). Wolfgang cried most of the way home but by 10 he seemed to be OK with daddy being gone. It helped when I told him to make an airplane. Kayne had to join in because what Wolf does Kayne does. Anyway I thought their airplanes turned out pretty good. Wolf's plane is the top one and Kayne's is the bottom one. We made out pretty good the rest of the day. There were a few tears at bedtime because daddy wasn't there to tuck them in. Only 2 more sleeps till daddy's home and all is right in our world again.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This is what SAD looks like!!!!!!!!

Our Ruby-Jean, what can we say about her? Well she is the baby of the family and knows how to work it. One night at supper she hadn't finished eating but still wanted dessert. When we said she needed to clean her plate this was the response we got. What a face.


The title says it all. We bought this pool for Wolfgang's water themed birthday party last summer. The kids at the party had a blast but as you can see from the picture so did our own kids. We used this pool non stop and had a ton of fun all summer long. This was one purchase worth every penny.