Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It Wasn't Me!

Kayne: It wasn't me!
Mommy: Oh yes it was!
Kayne: It wasn't me!(giggling)
Mommy Oh yes it was. (giggling also)
And so the conversation would go. I have a son who is gassy to put it politely and while we try not to laugh when sounds escape we sometimes can't help it. Now those of you who know Ray and I you know we have an odd sense of when I saw this t-shirt I thought of Kayne and knew I had to buy it. He has several shirts with captions on them and he loves wearing them.


Julie said...

Too funny!!! Love this page - again - way beyond creative - love all your great ideas.

melina said...

ha ha,
My son has the same shirt.
Great LO.