Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gum in her hair!!!!

Ok. So Friday morning Blaze comes to me and says"Mommy can you comb the tangles out of my hair?" As you can see it wasn't tangles we were dealing with. She went to bed chewing GUM! Apparently this isn't the first time she has done this but it is the first time it ended up in her hair. Now being a Mom and a hairdresser I saw RED. In the picture it doesn't look like much but once it was cut out I had no choice but to keep cutting. Blaze's hair went from a cute bob to a short pixie. It looks very good on her but that isn't the point I was so upset Friday that I couldn't find the humor in it .Today is Sunday I am starting to giggle about it. I can't believe how mature the cut makes her look. I am thinking that some pierced ears might be in order. (this would make her day)
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Julie said...

Oh my - well every little girl has to get gum in her hair or cut her own bangs at least once. And hey her Mom is a hairdresser!!
I love the new cut. I think it suits her beautlfully - very pretty and feminine and yes, earrings would look just fine - but there are stick on ones too. :)

Sharon said...

Sheryl (and Blaze),
I love the new look. It accentuates her beautiful face. When looking at the before and after pictures, I definately liked the after one. Look at the smile!