Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You Should See the Other Guy

I just had to document who won and who lost 1 of many altercations between Wolfgang and Kayne. As you can see Wolf lost.


Ruby-Jean thought that it was a good idea to taste mud. Now she knows it doesn't taste very good.lol.

Frogs and Camps

What have we been up to? Well last weekend we went out to Luseland and camped in my in-laws back yard. The kids loved it. We found out out tent leaks in heavy windy rainy weather. This is good to know as we are going camping again this weekend. I think we will duct tape the seams and hope for the best.:):)

Kayne's pet frog that he caught while at the farm on the weekend. The excitement of a child over such a small creature. I am always amazed at the awe our children show when discovering the world around them.

Blaze had a blast at Bible Camp. This was her first year and she LOVED it! She made some new friends but more importantly she grew in her walk with the Lord. I think she is very close to commiting her life to Christ. I am not pushing her one way or the other. This MUST be her decision and hers alone. She is talking about wanting to be baptised and we are all very excited for her. The break was nice. We have a little bit of a rough Mother Daughter relashionship and I hope the break from one another will help us to see eye to eye a little better. This almost tween age is rough.

Wolfgang found a frog as well. He ws so proud of himself for catching it. Just don't ask him to catch a spider... well don't ask him to do anything with spiders as he is absolutely terrified of them. He screams as though he is a little girl. LOL. I know I shouldn't make light of it or laugh about it as his fear is very real but I can't help but chuckle.
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Thursday, July 10, 2008


I love garage sales. I can find some great things like this ballerina/princess outfit. Ruby-Jean found it and wanted it immediately I figures for $o.50 how could I go wrong? She wears it all the time. Sometimes as PJ's, sometimes as a dance costume, sometimes just to feel pretty.

Hold My Beer

Kayne is my boy. He makes my heart happy on a bad day. Last year for my birthday Ray bought me Aaron Prichett's cd. I fell in love with his song Hold My Beer. I listened to it every day for weeks.Kayne also likes this song. He sings along to it at the top of his lungs. He recognizes it as soon as the first cord is struck, he wants to listen to it everyday. So I felt this should be scrapped. He loves music and can sing. I hope he pursues music is some way as he is very musical.

My Socks Are Broken

Our Ruby-Jean comes up with some of the cutest phrases. We were sitting at supper one night when she looked down at her sock and declared"My Socks Are Broken". They had fallen down and were somewhat srunched. It was a photo that had to be taken.

Summer Fun

Fun at home. That is the summer we are trying to have. With Ray's job change in May there will be no Summer Holidays for us again this year. That makes 3 years now without a break. I need one! So we are having holidays at home. We are going to vist all the spray parks in Saskatoon ...well as many as we can when the weather cooperates. There are a lot of things to to here at home and we will take advantage of them.
We also bought a tent this week so hopfully we can slip away for a weekend or 2 to do some camping. Ray has never relly done this before. For those who don't know Ray he's not really a bushman he prefers the indoors and his computer. I am hoping that he will have lots of fun adn enjoy it when we go. I grew up camping and fishing and such and have missed not doing it. This is an adventure I would like to give my kids. I know they will have fun.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

I just want to say a Huge Thank You to everyone who came out to JSI to help me celebrate my birthday. It really was one of the best birthdays I can remember. Thank you for the awesome birthday present...Tim Holtz,Basic Grey,Stickles,Glitter,Thickers...be still my beating heart.lol. You guy ROCK. I am truly blessed for knowing each and every one of you. Thank you.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

45 Record Album

Sorry about the poor quality of my photos and the sideways one. My computer and camera just weren't being very user compatible tonight.
I made this album from 2 old 45 record albums. My inside pages were cut using my coluzzle.(boy am I happy I invested in this.) I made the album to hold all the ticket stubs from outings with the family this summer and to jot down little notes and what nots about said outings. It was fun to make and was a departure for me as I prefer to design around pictures not design and then add pictures. I used the CUPCAKE line from Basic Grey. I think Basic Grey is one of my favorite lines. (it seems to be the one I have the most of ;).