Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Frogs and Camps

What have we been up to? Well last weekend we went out to Luseland and camped in my in-laws back yard. The kids loved it. We found out out tent leaks in heavy windy rainy weather. This is good to know as we are going camping again this weekend. I think we will duct tape the seams and hope for the best.:):)

Kayne's pet frog that he caught while at the farm on the weekend. The excitement of a child over such a small creature. I am always amazed at the awe our children show when discovering the world around them.

Blaze had a blast at Bible Camp. This was her first year and she LOVED it! She made some new friends but more importantly she grew in her walk with the Lord. I think she is very close to commiting her life to Christ. I am not pushing her one way or the other. This MUST be her decision and hers alone. She is talking about wanting to be baptised and we are all very excited for her. The break was nice. We have a little bit of a rough Mother Daughter relashionship and I hope the break from one another will help us to see eye to eye a little better. This almost tween age is rough.

Wolfgang found a frog as well. He ws so proud of himself for catching it. Just don't ask him to catch a spider... well don't ask him to do anything with spiders as he is absolutely terrified of them. He screams as though he is a little girl. LOL. I know I shouldn't make light of it or laugh about it as his fear is very real but I can't help but chuckle.
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Julie said...

Praise Him for His work in Blaize's life! May He grow her in grace and knowledge of Him.

Leaky tents? We always strung a big blue tarp over our tent - double protection from rain and hot sun and allowed us some protection just outside the tent where all our shoes were piled. We put a tarp over the eating area too - this is what you do when you live in rainy BC and go camping. You live under big blue tents for the weekend. Come to think of it we put a tarp over everything but the fire! LOL