Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Fun

Fun at home. That is the summer we are trying to have. With Ray's job change in May there will be no Summer Holidays for us again this year. That makes 3 years now without a break. I need one! So we are having holidays at home. We are going to vist all the spray parks in Saskatoon ...well as many as we can when the weather cooperates. There are a lot of things to to here at home and we will take advantage of them.
We also bought a tent this week so hopfully we can slip away for a weekend or 2 to do some camping. Ray has never relly done this before. For those who don't know Ray he's not really a bushman he prefers the indoors and his computer. I am hoping that he will have lots of fun adn enjoy it when we go. I grew up camping and fishing and such and have missed not doing it. This is an adventure I would like to give my kids. I know they will have fun.

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