Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Please don't be offended if I rant about politics for a few minutes. I am deeply disappointed in Maurice Vellacott. He is the MP for the Conservatives for my area. I phoned his office yesterday to ask him a few questions and to let him know that I was somewhat offended with the prerecorded voice message that I had received. He wasn't in his office so I left a message and he called back later in the day. When he called back he was at the car wash. I addressed him politely and thanked him for returning my call. He asked what he could do for me and I said I had a few questions about the policies of his party. He became very upset, to the point of raising his voice. He told me to go online and look up the news release because it would tell me all I needed to know. Mr. Vellacott's exact quote was "our party's record stands for itself and we have held power the longest of any other minority government". I said that was fine but I would like to address some of the concerns I had about some of the parties polices. He indicated to me that I was wasting his time. When I politely indicated that his own campaign seemed to be lacking a personal touch he completely went off on me. He informed me that an automatically dialed prerecorded message was personal. He asked me if I felt it was feasible for him to call 80 000 people himself. I said no but I found his message offensive and a complete waste of my time because it was nothing more than a telemarketing call, which I hate. His response was that campaigns are nothing more than marketing anyways. I found him to be rude and abrupt. I am a relatively well read and intelligent woman, but by the time I was done my conversation with him I felt ignorant. I am greatly saddened that he treated me as though I was a nothing, a nobody when in fact he works for me. I am his boss and he should have treated my phone call as though he was on a job interview. He should have been trying to win my vote instead of destroying my vote. I was planning on voting for him. I am no longer thinking that way. This afternoon when I got home I found a large bundle of information about the Conservatives in my mailbox. I have read through it and have come to the conclusion that the Conservative Party really has no idea what is going on with our health care, education, farming community and low income families. They are only out to help big business and hurt those that need the tax breaks and financial aid. The party doesn't have a clue about the housing situation nor are they doing anything to fix it. I am proud to be Canadian and I feel that taking part in the electoral process is a privilege. It is a freedom we have here in this country and I don't take that for granted. I urge all of you who read my blog to find out who is running in your community and to go out and vote. Study all the Party's platforms so you can make an intelligent and informed decision about who is going to run our country for the next four years. Thank you for letting me rant tonight.


LaDitsterNo1 said...

I completely understand! I've been ignored and belittled by the Honourable Member for Saskatoon Wanuskewin multiple times. In Ottawa, his invisible presence in the House of Commons is quite frustrating to those watching and waiting for some kind of true representation of our dynamic riding.

Julie Cortens said...

Ah politics and elections. I find it all overwhelming. But it is important to be informed and alas most voters likely vote for the wrong reason and not because they understand the issues. So read what you can and find out what you can and try to make an informed decision.
One rant I have though is that I caught an NDP ad on TV walking through the family room the other day and found it terribly derogatory and down right nasty. Tell me what you have to offer rather than beat the other guy up with mean accusations.
Okay - back to scrapbooking! :)