Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Clean Scraproom

I am going to start off 2009 with a clean scraproom. This is the space that I create in. It is the first room I visit in the morning and the last room I visit before going to bed. This is where my children will find me when they are hungry and my husband will find me when he's lonely. It is my favorite room in the house. Friends call this room candy for the eyes and other's just shake their heads and don't understand. This is where friends come to play and laughter can be heard. Sometimes I stick to the floor or on some days I can't even find the floor. It is a room that inspires me and never fails to put a smile on my face. Who wants to come and make a mess with me?

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Julie Cortens said...

It's fantastic!
I too have my "getaway room" and I spend too much time in there too!

Aleks said...

wow, what a great looking room you have!

April D said...

Great job "cleaning" up...I started cleaning and "trying" to organize my crop room too...lol Not quite finished though. Had to break it in tonight already to scrap as I have to break in my new Slice! Yeah! Would love to come and scrap again sometime again though as it was fun that one time...but looks like you got rid of the two tables in the center?

E said...

..i'll come play! Your room looks amazing Sheryl, it looks even better when you get 'playing' in it. Your space is superbly scrappy!