Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Do you ever feel as though LIFE is hurling at you at 100 MPH? Speed bumps, road hazards,sharp bend in the road,Bridge washed out? You know the hole 9 yards. It feels like that some days. Yesterday afternoon I was waaayyy late leaving to pick the kids up from I already know this is not going to be a good trip across the city. I was stopped at a red light when the driver of the vehicle behind me got out of his jeep and started walking up to me. I thought oh no this isn't going to be good...he tapped on the window and informed me I had a flat tire. Oh Crap! Thankfully I was only a couple blocks away from a gas station so I stopped to put air in my tire. When I knelt down by the tire I could hear the air hissing and see the bubbles forming around a nice gash. Oh Crap! This gas station is right across the street from my church so I drove over there praying that someone would be there. Yes! Our Youth pastor was still there and he saved the day by lending me his car to run and get the kids. (silly man doesn't he know how I drive?) Don't worry Adam I didn't speed.:) So I picked the kids up and came back across town, gave Adam back his car and called Roadside Assistance to come and change my tire. They were there in like 20 minutes and had it changed around in no time. Yeah! I spent the this morning tyring to get the flat fixed...too big of a hole so I had to buy a new tire. It will be here by the weekend. We got a good deal on it so I can't complain too much.

Last night while the boys were getting ready for bed Wolf thought it would be a good idea to kick his brother in the head. Well Kayne stopped the kick with his eye. Don't ask I really have no idea how it happened. It really didn't look very good and I thought Oh Crap! here's another trip to the ER. With 4 kids I have made a few trips, but not as many as Tim the Tool Man.:) A little ice and the swelling went down. MY Dr. had shown me a few years ago how to do a proper pupil dilation test and Kayne checked out fine with that. No double vision and he could track my finger well so I determined that ER was not necessary this time. An hour of cuddling with mommy and a little TV time and he was right as rain. He woke up this morning and doesn't seem to be any worse for ware. Any bets on how long it takes for the next injury to occur in our house? And I wonder why my sanity is iffy some days.:)

I have some fun stuff planned for the weekend so hopefully the rest of the week goes smooth.


Julie Cortens said...

Sheryl, I have to grin as I read this but at the same time I am feeling your anxiety and exhaustion. Been there done that. And the only piece of wisdom I can pass on is...
1. This too shall pass.
2. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger
3. One moment at a time...just take one moment at a time.

Because before you know it, they will all be grown up and on their way and you will long for those long cuddles...maybe not the cause of the crying, but the long cuddles that follow.

Pam said...

sorry to hear about your bad day!!!
see you email is

April D said...

hopefully your day tomorrow is better...

Molly said...

Hey i'm trying to get a new blog going. Please check it out, and submit your '25 random things'.