Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our time with Rambling Dave

Let me start today's post with a huge thank you to Leica Forrest for organizing such a fantastic crop. Woot!Woot! You rawk girl! It was so much fun to see old friends and meet new friends and to put faces to the names on the Just Cre8 Forum board. It was an awesome weekend.

Now many of you know that C95's Rambling Dave sometimes speaks before he thinks. This was the case last week. He made a reference on the radio 1 morning about how scrapbooking was just glorified sticker collecting. Lets just say the scrapping community of Saskatoon soon set him straight. After a week of this being a hot topic every morning during his radio show he graciously agreed to come for a visit on Saturday. While we all know his comment was tongue in cheek and we were all joking about it we still wanted him and many others to understand why we do this hobby. I think that Dave really took away an understanding and, maybe even some appreciation for the art which we create. He now knows this is much more than a hobby for us it is a passion!
Thank you Dave for being such a good sport about the whole thing and spending a little of your Saturday with us.

Here is Dave shortly after arriving.

In this photo Dawn Hauser and Leica Forrest (center) are presenting Dave with some ART. Dawn is an amazing artist. The book Dave is holding in is had is a 1 of a kind journal that Dawn made just for him. It has his name in it and it is embellished in metal. Very Cool. The book in Dawn's hands is a mini album all about Sam, Dave's beloved dog of 14 years. Dave had to put Sam to sleep recently and Dawn felt this would be a wonderful gift to give Dave. He was very touched. His eyes welled up with tears and while many of us gathered around were smiling and chuckling it was not to make fun of Dave. Many of us had tears in our eyes as well. This is why we scrap. It is to preserve those memories. Happy and Sad.
Dave smiling through his tears.
Dave posing with the Just Cre8 crew.You can find them here at Just Cre8.Dave is creating his own piece of art. He is making a gift tag. Notice his technique as he inks the tag???

We were warning him not to run with sharp pointy scissors.

His finished tag.

Dave you really were a good sport. We all appreciate that you came. We do have a good time don't we?? Please feel free to join us again.


KAGS Herself said...

I'm so glad you put Dawn's name under her photo - I would never have recognised her from the picture on her blog!
I said I would stop by and say hi! Great to chat with you on Saturday!

KAGS Herself said...

PS - Can i put a link to you on my blog?

Rambling Dave said...

Thanks. I had a ton of fun.

You guys are the ones who are great sports.

Rambling Dave