Monday, April 27, 2009

Roughriders in Saskatoon

On April 19 we went out to Griffiths Stadium to watch Matt Dominguez's Football Camp. This camp was for students from grade 9-12. I think that it is pretty cool that these guys come out and show our up and coming footballers how to improve their game. I mean how cool is it to be given advice from a "hero"? Someone whom they watch play this fantastic game for a living!!!After they were done we were able to go out on the field and meet the Riders. Pretty cool. I am not sure who was more excited Dad or the kids because they got to meet 7 Riders or me because I got to play around with my camera???

Matt Dominguez
Gene Makowsky
Jason Clermont
Wes Cates
Reggie Hunt
Marcus Adams
Paul Woldu
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Kate said...

You couldn't WIPE the smile of Ray's face in that one shot!!! LOL So exciting!