Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Star Student

Wolf is the Star Student this week so instead of using the premade templates that the teacher sent home (glue a picture on a piece of paper) Wolf and I sat down and did this on the computer instead. Smilebox is a digital scrapbook program that I had played around with before but that was about it. It is so easy to navigate. Wolf did almost all the work himself. I helped him load in the pictures and did the typing but he picked the backgrounds and which pictures he wanted to use. He used the scanner and printer. He learned how to replace the ink cartridge in the printer. He learned how to remove elements he didn't want. He dragged and dropped the pictures into their spots. He learned how to save a file and where to save it to.

He did an awesome job. I sat back and just helped when he needed it. The Star Student wall at school has received a lot of compliments and interest so far this week. I am so proud of what he accomplished over the weekend. I think the Sprts Magazine cover and the Wanted poster are my favorites.


Anonymous said...

That's so awesome Sheryl!!! What a cool guy!!! Great job!!

Robin said...

Sheryl thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I am interested in learning to scrapbook at a deeper level, your son has inspired the creativeness within me. You inspire me today in another way: You have taken the time to be with your child and to help him realize how special he is. Our world is in disparate need of more parents and grandparents like you.

Kate said...

Well, I of course agree with what Robin said! My fave part was "My favourite room is my Mom's craftroom." Of course it is! You rock it out Wolf!!!