Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hi everyone. I had such great intentions of keeping my blog up this summer but life has once again gotten in the way. I have a very close family member in the hospital right now. The Dr.'s are preparing us for the worst. They are not optimistic that he will survive. He is battling a very serious infection and the medications that are supposed to help him fight the infection are causing his kidneys to shut down. I have been "living" at the hospital for the last 10 days. My poor husband and children have been left to fend for themselves. I am living on coffee and little sleep.

DH has a few days off this week so I hope to lock myself in my scrap room and create some art. I need to find a day to just decompress.

I will still be making my draw on June 30th so remember to sign up to be a follower of my blog.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Sign up to be a follower of my BLOG and your name will be entered into a draw. I will be making 2 draws: 1 for local followers and 1 for those that don't live close by. If you are already a follower your name will automatically be put into the draw. What am I drawing for???? For those who live near Saskatoon a $10.00 gift certificate to my favorite local scrapbook store,Just Scrap It! and for those who don't live near by how about a fun Jar of Whimsy filled with all sorts of goodies. I will be making my draw on June 30th. I may even have an extra goody for the person who leaves the most comments on my blog by June 30th. You just never know when I might surprise you.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scrapbook Recipe Challenge

A few weeks back I took part in Just Cre8's Happy Be Scrappy Crop. It was a blast. These 4 LO's were created using Amanda'a Recipe I really enjoyed her recipe and will definately be using it again.

Changing things around

Hi everyone. Please bare with me as I change my blog around. Feel free to leave me comments telling me what you think.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ruby's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Ruby-Jean's birthday a little early. Her "real" day is next Saturday and she will be 4.She asked for a Princess party so I tried to give her a little of that. We went shopping and picked out some balloons and napkins and party hats. I wanted to keep it pretty low key and thankfully she was thrilled with all that I let her pick out.

She had her Oma and Opa here for the day but I think the highlight of her day was when her "special" friend came. We will call him W. I forgot to ask his mom if I could post his picture but I'll tell you all about it. W and Ruby are as thick as thieves. Ruby calls W her "boyfriend" it really is quite cute but I think it may distress W a little. He knew exactly what she would love for a gift (thanks W's mom) and he made her Birthday card himself and wrote in it. It was way too cute. Ruby gave W a huge hug after opening her gift and reading her card. Lets just say it was adorable. Being a man though he was all about the cake and ice cream. He kept telling me how great the cake was. I really don't think it was the Princess cake that had him impressed I think it was the icing. :)

I am going to toot my horn a little. This cake turned out awesome. I am so happy with the end result. Ruby helped to do a little of the decorating yesterday but she hadn't seen the finished cake. This morning when she opened the fridge her mouth hit the floor. "Oh Mommy" was all she could say.

I still can't believe my "baby" is 4. I feel as though I blinked and she grew up. I am glad though that she still likes snuggle time with Mommy and I will continue to cherish those moments. She is my baby and always will be. She can make me laugh without trying. Sometimes she says things that stop me in my tracks and just giggle. This is my perpetually happy child. As the youngest of 4 she sometimes has no choice but to be happy, it can take me a while to get to her sometimes. My favorite part about being Ruby-Jean's mom though is this: She will find me where ever I am and give me a hug and say "I love you Mommy". I don't take that for granted.I am blessed to be called her Mommy.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing this little piece of my life.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

water droplets on a rose

Roses for Mother's Day. I was playing around with my macro lens and a spray bottle. My Mother in law received these from my sister in law for Mother's day. I'm happy with the way the pictures turned out but I do want to play with depth of field a little more.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I made this altered sign during Just Cre8's online crop. I forgot to take before pictures but let's just say that seagulls and lighthouses aren't really my thing. It was a Dollar Store find. I love how it turned out. The quote says"Dream as if you'll live as if you'll die today." -James Dean