Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just for fun :)

I've been stalking my friends blogs this week and was inspired to "play" along. My friend Saucy and my friend Kate have both done Celebrity Boyfriend lists. Saucy did an amended list and Kate compiled her first list. Combine both these ladies fantastic lists with my 11 year old daughter going on and on lately with all the "hotties" in her world ( think Joe Jonas etc.) led me to think; why not compile my own list?

Let me begin with Mark Harmon. He is Gibbs from NCIS. Love this show and love him. I think my crush on him began in 1987 when he played Mr. Shoop. A summer school teacher who had to teach a class of misfits.He was yummy then but I think age has definitely made him more yummy.

Next on my list is Ty Pennington. MMM... I drool every time I look at him. His boyish charm and hard body are a nice combination, don't ya think? Besides I think every woman should have a handyman on her list.

Hugh Jackman is a very handsome man but dress him as Wolverine and he's down right delicious. I have all the X-Men movies and watch them as often as I can. :) I keep telling Ray that I'm going to buy him a Wolverine costume. Hmmm maybe this is the year. :)

Keanu Reeves. I've always found him attractive but I think he has really come into his own the last few years. Loved him in Point Break and The Replacements (football movie)  He has Canadian ties which I think is awesome. The motorcycle and leather pants don't hurt the cause any.

Johnny Depp is another actor I have crushed after for years. It all started with 21 Jump street and What's Eating Gilbert Grape. He has become more attractive every year. His movie rolls/characters are always interesting. My favorite??? Captain Jack Sparrow.

The Sweat Hogs and Grease began the next love affair. John Travolta. He's had a few years where he kind of let himself go and we all thought huh?? but let's face it he has a certain charm to him. I think it's his eyes and the dimple on his chin. I'm a sucker for eyes. They'll get me every time.Well that and I'll always think of him as Danny Zuko.

Bruce Willis aka. John McClane comes skidding in next. I know, I know, you all are wondering what's wrong with me. I think it's as much the characters he plays as it is the man he is. I just get this feel safe feeling with him. He's going to save the day and keep me from harm. Ok, you can quit rolling your eyes now. I'm allowed one off the wall submission.

Lastly but certainly not least is George Eads. He is CSI's very own Nick Stokes. He makes me want to be a bad girl. Ok. I'll just leave it at that.

So that's my list right now. I will probably alter it at some point but for right now at this moment in time these are the Celebrities that make me go MMMMM.