Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Patience of a child

I printed the same picture 3 times and pop dotted the center picture for dimension and interest.I stamped the flowers and title and pop dotted those as well. Cosmo and Scenic Route paper strips for the background and it's a page completed. I love how this page turned out. I included a picture showing the dimension on this page.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It only took a year

I finally finished my Birthday album from last year. It was birthday # 36. I've been celebrating my birthday the last couple of years with my friends. We gather at JSI and scrap and party the night away. I'm sure we are loud and probably annoy the other scrappers but we just can't help ourselves. So here it is in all it's glory. Paper, inks, stamps, Glimmer Mist, vintage ribbon, bath sponge, vintage sewing pattern, a multitude of Tim Holtz  items etc. I only showed 1 view of the tags so the blog post didn't get too long. Sorry about the shadowy pictures...I really need to stop photographing everything at night. :) With my next birthday just a few weeks away I guess I had better start planning the next party.

I'm a bad scrapper

I was gong through my blog to see what LO's I have that haven't been posted here yet and I realized I hadn't posted my page that was published in the Canadian Scrapbooker Spring Issue. DOH!! So after giving myself head a shake and a mental scolding here it is. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The journaling  on this page was done for a challenge last year. I didn't like the finished LO so I reworked it. I'm happy with this LO. I never posted the other LO to my blog because I wasn't sure anyone would really be interested in a LO that was sad. The challenge was to write your story. To get down and dirty with your feelings/emotions. It was to be honest and thorough. I had never written down my feelings about my parents death. I had never scrapped my feelings about the accident. I wasn't sure I really wanted to even put this in the family album, but life isn't a bed of roses so I went ahead with the challenge and now I am ready to post it to my blog for everyone to see. After doing the challenge I am also more willing and ready to scrap those less then happy moments in our lives. Life is full of ups and downs and if I am scrapping a legacy for my children shouldn't all of our experiences be remembered???

Sheryl (age 14)

I want to tell you that one of the worst days of your life is coming and there is no way for you to prepare for it. You are going to feel like the world has quit spinning. The pain you will feel will bring you to your knees. I wish I could just wrap you in my arms and keep you from finding out how unfair life can be. I want you to know that you will survive, you will be stronger because of this life changing event. You will find a strength you never knew you had. I wish you never had to know what it is like to grow up without your Mom or Dad. I wish that I could tell you that it will get easier . It doesn't! Time doesn't heal the pain it only dims the few memories you have. While you will find out that just when you think you have your grief under control something will happen to make you miss Mom and Dad all over again. Your graduation, not having Dad there to walk you down the aisle when you got married, missing Mom with your whole being when your babies are born. You will ache with every fiber of your being and need to talk to Mom and can't or need to be wrapped safe in Dad's arms. I promise you though that you will learn that it is OKAY to CRY. It is not a weakness, but a release. It will allow you to continue on. It will help you to heal, not miss them less but to cherish those few memories that you do have. I promise you that no 14 year old should ever have to deal with the shock of losing her parents in a split second. You will overcome so many more things over the next 22 years, that you will be able to look back on January 8th, 1988 and know that you will survive anything and be able to face it head on. You will grow to be strong, courageous and loving. You will become a woman that Mom and Dad would have been proud of. You will have a confidence in yourself and your abilities that will allow you to tackle life head on, with a smile on your face and an attitude of "come on world is this the best you can do?". You will have a take me as I am personality. Your true friends will accept and love this in you and those who don't aren't worth it. You will find a man who will cherish yo and love you for who you are. You will be a terrific MOM!! You will be a mom to 4 beautiful children. You will come to understand how young Mom and Dad really were when they died. You wont' waste a day of the next 22 years wishing you had done this of hadn't done that. You live your life to make yourself happy and your family feel loved. You have o regrets. At age 36, while you wish you could talk to Mom and Dad just one more time you know you wouldn't be the person you are today if their plane hadn't crashed that fateful day.

Sheryl (age 36)

Friday, May 7, 2010

A card

I made this card using Tim Holtz's technique from the 12 Days of Tags he did last Christmas. The stamp is from Impression Obsession. All the embellies are from Tim Holtz.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Soldier Boy

I received some exciting news last night....I will  share the news soon so stay tuned. ;) While you are waiting here's a LO for you to enjoy.

Wolfgang loves anything to do with the Military. Last year at the Family Expo there was a huge Military display. The soldiers who were working that day were fantastic. The had rifles the kids could handle and aim, a night vision obstacle course and the helmet and vest for the kids to try on. Man was that vest heavy. Wolf was so proud and excited to try them on.

This is a simple no frills LO several of the circles are pop dotted for dimension as well as a little stitching just for texture. I used the Tim Holtz craft scratcher to scratch out the busy background of the photo. I sanded the edges of my circles and journal strips and it was a page complete.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Garage Sale and Flea Market Finds

We went "junking" on the weekend. I found a few fun items that put a smile on my face. The first is this cheque. There was a box full, but at $1 each I only bought 4. I really wanted more but I had to walk away. :)

Next is this camera.  I love it. It makes me smile every time I look at it. All the nobs and dials work. It slides in and out and closes perfect. I paid $10. I have no idea if that is a good deal or not but it really doesn't matter. I really wanted it.

My little shelf. A great find at $2. It's about 2 feet high and maybe a foot wide. It is going to be home to all sorts of treasures. :)

My last find of the weekend is this video camera. A great find at $3. Everything moves and works. The camera bag is in great condition, it still has the lens cap and inside the yellow box it the tin that the film reel came in. The film is long gone but it is nice to have the tin.

There you have it. My finds of the weekend. Do you like to go "junking"?? What has been your favorite find?