Sunday, May 2, 2010

Garage Sale and Flea Market Finds

We went "junking" on the weekend. I found a few fun items that put a smile on my face. The first is this cheque. There was a box full, but at $1 each I only bought 4. I really wanted more but I had to walk away. :)

Next is this camera.  I love it. It makes me smile every time I look at it. All the nobs and dials work. It slides in and out and closes perfect. I paid $10. I have no idea if that is a good deal or not but it really doesn't matter. I really wanted it.

My little shelf. A great find at $2. It's about 2 feet high and maybe a foot wide. It is going to be home to all sorts of treasures. :)

My last find of the weekend is this video camera. A great find at $3. Everything moves and works. The camera bag is in great condition, it still has the lens cap and inside the yellow box it the tin that the film reel came in. The film is long gone but it is nice to have the tin.

There you have it. My finds of the weekend. Do you like to go "junking"?? What has been your favorite find?


Bamm-ela said...

Oh Sheryl, Those are absolutely FAB finds. Love your style! My Dad would be shaking his finger at my Mom over those cheques, "I told your, Olive, we should never throw ANYTHING out"!!! Thanks for the laugh, but I know you'll make something wonderful and artsy with them. Way to go. B.

Dale Anne Potter said...

GREAT finds!!!
You can scan the cheques, put 4 to page and then copy them.
Prices sound good to me!

Kate said...

Fab fab FAB! My favourite find of the day was my $5 waffle iron. And some watches for Saucy. I didn't score anything too exciting scrap-wise. Next time! I did get a huge vintage tin that I am planning on dumping all my buttons into. I don't know if that's a good idea or not LOL.

April D said...

WOw! I think you found some great finds...I mean the camera and video camera are like how old!? I can't believe you got them so cheap. I would look into how much they are might be surprised. I have a really old camera too....the kind you hold down at your waist and look through a little window for the photo that was my grandma's way back in the day and I keep thinking I should get it assessed too.