Saturday, January 1, 2011

Project 365

I have been lacking in inspiration for quite some time now. I don't know where it went or why but it's gone. I have decided that I really need to find it again so I am undertaking Project 365. It's all about documenting your daily life. I'm excited for it. It has many purposes; First it will get me back on track blogging again. I have really neglected my blog this past year.Second it will make me be creative in some manner everyday. Yeah!! Third I will have to pick up my camera everyday. Something I have not been doing lately. Fourth it should give me lots of photo's to scrapbook this year. :) I am not sure yet if I will continue to post my Project 365 photo's here or if I will start another blog and then just link them up here...we'll have to see. So now onto today's photo. 

I didn't put up a Christmas tree this year in stead the kids each made one. I will be putting them away sometime this week and since I hadn't taken any photo's of them yet I thought this would be a great way to start. :)


Julie Cortens said...

hey Sheryl you will love project 365. This is where I posted my 365 last year and they are a fabulous and very encouraging group. I am at it again for 2011. I will watch for you and follow you when I find you. or send me a link right to your album there.

leica Forrest said...

Sheryl, good luck in this adventure. Let's keep each other in check! I can't wait to start mine! my pic today was of my new necklace with my inspiring word on it. Simplify.