Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to Pack for a Crop

We've all been there.......It's what I like to call the "What to take with me" dilemma.  What do I take or should I take to a crop?? Everything including the kitchen sink? All my papers? All my stamps? How many pictures? What if I need something but for got to pack it? You get the picture. Sometimes we have a tendency to over pack and get nothing accomplished or we under pack and are missing too much of our stuff and can't create the way we would like to. . Hopefully I can help take some of the worry from you and show you how to get the most out of your weekend crop. There are a few coming up in the next few weeks. One at JSI on October 26-27th 2012 and one hosted by Scrapbook and Cards Today called Crop and Create on November 9-th, 2012 .Registration is open for both and I think there are a few spots left at each, so why not call and reserve your spot.

Let me show you how to make a kit. This really is the best way to get the most productivity out of your weekend. 
I start with my pictures.

I add 3-4 pattern papers. For this kit I have a multicoloured flower paper, a half white half pink paper, an all pink with swirly-do's paper and a lined paper with a banner on it. I plan on using the lined paper to make my journal tag and I want to use the banner as either my title or just an embellishment. I'll decide as I create my page.

Next I add 2-3 colors of cardstock. You can go with matching cardstock, contrasting cardstock or both. For this kit I went with two that matched and a black cardstock. I like to mat my photos in black and I find on bright or busy layouts having a little bit of black somewhere on the page helps anchor the eye.
Now add a few embellishments. I have a crystal swirl, a couple of teardrop crystals, buttons, flowers, leaves and a piece of punchenella. Remember you can always add more embellishments when you get home or purchase an embellishment or two at the crop.
Don't forget to add your copy of Scrapbook and Cards Today. It's full of tips and techniques and inspiration. My favorite feature is the section called Page Maps. There's always a few sketches to help you on your way.

Place your kit into a sealable bag that will fit your 12"x12" papers and put it in a tote. My hard plastic totes will hold 7-12 kits.
Now you might be thinking to yourself that this seems like a lot of work and maybe it is but I always have a few kits ready to go. Use up your leftovers by creating a card or two, too. :) I follow this same idea when I'm working on a project or mini album.

I'll show you how to create an extras box too, so make sure to check back in a day or two. Crops can sometimes be a little squishy and tight for table space. If you've ever been to a crop you know what I'm talking about. Hopefully I've given you some good pointers to help you pack for your crop and have a fun weekend of creating.

How do you prepare for a crop? What have you found that works or doesn't work? Leave me a comment and let me know.


KellieD said...

Thanks Sheryl! I really need to get going on this for the 2 crops :)

Dorina D said...

Great blog with fabulous ideas for packing up for a crop. Love the kit idea. I always pack too much. Thanks for putting it in writing for us to remember.

Rachael said...

Great tips! I've never been to a crop but I love the idea, and now I know how to pack for one! Thanks so much! Have fun at the JSI crop!! :)

Kerry said...

Another question for you to answer pretty please!

I don't do layouts very often as I dont take many photos.... I do mostly cards, mini albums and paper altered stuff for various reasons and seasons...

In those cases - Should I then be packing everything and the kitchen sink? Since I quite literally can not know what I'll make or use...

I've started putting my semi-completed minis in project pouches with coordinating paper and packes of any embellishments I may have already starte using... But once that mini is complete then what to do I do with any time leftover?

This past weekend I went to ScrapFest and finish 3 mini's and a mini + holder and started another mini which I wouldn't have been able to do had I only brought my "pre-packed" kits...

Sorry for rambling, just trying to get my point across and trying to get some pointers for non-scrapbooking types. :)

Much much appreciated!